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Now Playing is still running 24/7 with no problems. I spend my time traveling and when the weather is bad I spend my time flying in my simpit and other games. I am looking forward to Star Citizen. It looks amazing right now.
I have been reworking my simpit to be ready for Star Citizen. I have added a custom controller for the left hand that has a built in mini analog joystick for strafing as well as a full size one for basic AWSD function for the FPS part of the game. This coupled with the Thrustmaster Warhog stick and throttle, Saitek Combat Pro Rudder Pedals as well as two custom built button panels should give me plenty of control options. Oh and then there are two Thrustmaster MFD's used for Shield and Power management. Still a work in progress as I sort out the rest of the keybindings.

This is the new custom controller built from an old Ch products Pro Throttle handle with a custom mini joystick. The two analog axis are wired to my BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board and the buttons and main joystick are wired to one of my GP-Wiz40 MAX USB Compatible Input Interface cards.

I also added a custom Helios screen for my second monitor to be used with the two Thrustmaster MFD's


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