Stargate x10 died replacing with Omni Pro II & need Caddx help


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My stargate automation system finally stopped working.  Everything works except the X10 transmission which fails the self test. Looks like the end of the line for the Stargate. I liked the stargate because of the telephone board and being able to interconnect with my Caddx NX-8E security system.  The stargate was able to read and log the NX-8E zone fault status, arm and unarm the NX-8E.
Picked up a Omi Pro II because of the telephone interface and the voice outputs.  I would like to keep the NX-8E for now and connect to the Omni Pro II thru the serial port.  Want to be able to read the Caddx outputs and arm and unarm the security.  Is it possible with the Omni Pro II.  If the future might want to move the security to the Omni Pro II after it is programed and running.
Connected the NX-8E serial port to a Omni Pro II serial port and the red light turn on but not able to read any of the security status in PC access program so unplugged connection. Does the port have to be set to RS-232 or RS-485, any other setting I need to set and what program would I needs to use?  Did a Automation forum search on Caddx and NX-8E which wasn't much help.
Also would I be able to use the old stargate key pads to control some basic functions / flags or are they to old and not compatible.  I have downloaded and installed NQLink Pro to control system from phone so only need a basic keypad at the doors mainly to cover the holes in the walls.
I have the Omni Pro II powered up, keypad connected, connected to the network and able to connect with the PC Access program.
I have the following addon boards to set up yet.
2-Way Voice Module
E-mail Notifier
Have been reading up on programing.  Only have a couple of other questions so far.
1. Is there a event like "first pass through schedule" where you set up the flags, counters and events.
2. What is the initial state of the flags, Off?
Sure will have more questions in the future but this is my one rather long question for the day.
Thanks, Jim
Hello and welcome.  I used to have a Stargate a long time ago.  I use UPB switches now which is much better than X-10.
So the Omni Pro II uses zones as its input.  So anything that can be converted to a zone input can trigger anything in the Omni Pro II.  Basically each zone is a 0 - 5v input with a constant current source. The Omni can also read serial data from a serial port but that can be tricky.  Basically you have to set up the string of characters the Omni is to look for, and when it sees this string, it can do something. Otherwise you can't just "connect" a NX-8E to an Omni.
So the Omni, like the Stargate runs in a big loop that repeats over and over, but of course the Omni can do much much more. So flags are just variables and they would be zero when initialized, but the Omni has battery backup and flash memory. There isn't a first loop test, but there is an AC power test and the Omni won't start on just battery power, it needs AC power to get started the first time. After that battery will keep it running, so checking for AC is probably what you want.
I tend to like to start by setting some flags with important conditions and refresh them after a power fail if in doubt. Especially very important flags. Otherwise, flags will reset over time. The power shouldn't go off very often. If it does, you probably need a bigger battery.
Looks like AC Power On will be at startup or a power failure.  Yes looking at setting important  flags and initial conditions and then refresh after a power fail.  Working on the flags in PC Access now but finding the user version is limited on the initial setup & programing.  A lot of thing missing.  I have the dealer software on the way. 
Looking at slowly changing over to UPB as my X10 switches fail and I run out of my stock of Insteon switches that I have been setting up for x10.
Any idea the first steps to being able to read serial data from a serial port.  Not finding anything with search.  The reason I went with the NX-8E is that it interfaced so easily with the Stargate.  Might not be worth the effort if I can at least read status and arm & disarm the NX-8E thru the Omni Pro.
Going to get the initial program and the outside motion detectors & security lights working first. Then work on the automation. Leaving the security & fire till the last as the Stargate interface & phone board still works.  Just disconnect the inputs, leave the phone, power, caddx interface connected and move aside.  Looks like I might need a couple of Hardwire Expander 10A06-1 as my houses security is star wired.
In reading found one difference in the security wiring in NX-8E & Omni Pro.  The NX-8E uses 3.3k EOLRs and the Omni Pro !k EOLRs.  Currently my perimeter contacts EOLRs are in the control box instead of  near the contact.  But that can be changed with new contact with the built in EOLRs.  Will make the wiring much nicer. 
The Worthington Distribution University online training has been a big help.  Any other good resources. 
The dealer software if nice but not required. The user software DOESN'T include items that are "dealer" related, like configuring zones. You can do them all with the console, but its a pain.
To read data from a serial port, look for instructions on "Pro-Link."  You need to set a serial port as "Pro-Link" then you need to use Pro-Link commands to read the data. Like I said previously you can't just read data, you read data and match it against some serial strings. You have to understand what you are looking for before you can use it. Ideally instead of using a NX-8E, you should use the Omni as a security panel. The Omni is also designed to be monitored by other programs. CQC and Homeseer can both monitor it if you need more horsepower. I used to do that, but have since simplified, and can still do 95% of everything. The Omni can do a lot with some tricks.
Yes the Worthington things are great.  With UPB you have a choice, to use HLC or plain UPB. I recommend HCL but for it to work best, you should get Leviton/HAI UPB switch, but it can be done with others. If it was me, I would use Leviton/HAI UPB switches or PCS switches, but NOT Simply Automated switches. This has to do with repeater support. Its a long story, but believe me on this one.
UPB can do much MORE than X-10.  UPB can use scenes, so you can set all the lights in your house with one command. There are Leviton Room controllers and Leviton House controllers that work as part of it, and the Omni can actually program the switches using HLC.
Yes, EOLR need to be 1K.  Putting them in the box does nothing. For them to really work as intended they need to be by the contacts or sensors. Installer put them in the box because its easier and many panels require them, but putting them in the box is like not using them at all.
I have already ordered the dealer software as I found the user software to limited.  I need to be able to configure serial port and zones.  I can do it thru the console but it would be a real pain to setup & configure the entire system.
I have found the Pro-Link Protocol Description Sheet about how to set up buttons to respond to and transmit serial data.  I also have the NX-8E RS-232 data format and and what is transmitted.  I have a serial date logging program on my computer so I can log the NX-8E serial data to a text file and also log the Stargate RS-232 transmitted data.  It should help verify the serial data.  Just need to make up a cable. There were also several helpful threads on the site.  Once I finish installing the Omni and programing the automation side I will transition the security over.  I like the integrated phone controls, voice outputs, the E-mail notifier and the NQlink app.
Already have Leviton USB charging outlets installed around key areas for the house.  They seem to be good quality.  Looked up the data sheets on the 35A00, 40A00 and 55A00 switches.  One thing I did now find on the Leviton site was inline control modules.  I have several remote exterior secuity lights controlled with inline control modules mounted in waterproof boxes.
I will be setting up the programing for HLC rooms but for now I will be transmitting the commands in HLC and X10 on a different house codes.  As I change a room over to HLC I can delete the X10 part of the program.
Yes I watched the Worthington training on security panel wiring and understand the correct EOLR wiring and reason for it.  All my contacts are round push in style contact and not glued in so I am able to access the contact wire but not the wires from the panel.