Starting with HA and locks. Need help on where to go next


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I've been thinking about an HA system in my house and have recently started researching things. I'm really stuck now on the software part and how to get the intelligence of sensors to the locks. I figure I'll start with one thing and add lights and other stuff later.

I first want to automate the process of coming/going from the house. This involves two outside doors and a garage door. I've been envisioning a HA system for this that automatically runs the doors for me based on the location of my cell phone (using bluetooth) or motion sensors. I was going to first start with locking and unlocking ONE outside door (using bluetooth detecting my phone) and see where that goes. (I can handle turning a knob to open doors. I just don't want to deal with locks)

Things I have found so far:
  • Locks & Deadbolts. Schlage, Kwikset, and Morning Industry - they all have deadbolts that are either Z-Wave or Zigbee.
  • Interface control: I was going to go with a Zigbee lock, but then I started trying to figure out how to make it intelligent. A ZIM seems like an unintelligent box which appears to be the way to control lock/unlock.
  • Bluetooth sensor: This can be used to locate my cell phone. If I have two or three, I can locate my cellphone more closely, but one is fine for now.
So essentially I need software to integrate all 3. I could easily script this in Linux or Windows but I imagine someone has done something much better.

My questions really seem to boil down to:
  • If I use Zigbee, how do I attach it to some intelligent software? From my research software a ZIM is a hardware device that pairs a manual control to a lock. It doesn't have a computer so, how can you connect sensors and lock/unlock based on conditions from those sensors?
  • Is there a software application Linux or Windows that can connect these pieces for me? (the pieces being a ZIM with an attached lock, a motion sensor, a bluetooth sensor)

I haven't looked at Z-Wave much. Maybe I'll spend some time on that this evening.