Static Ip changed now ElkRp cant login


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My static ip changed and I cant login to my alarm through elkrp.  I can do a search for the m1xep and it finds it with a mac address and ip.  I cant find the m1xep ip address on my router.  When I try to connect through elkrp it says "Connection Error:Could not connect.  Possible reasons:The port is not forwarded through the router.The IP address or URL is incorrect.The remote site is down".  Any ideas how to fix this?
Do you mean that the static IP address of the XEP changed?   Or do you mean your WAN IP address changed.
Did the MAC address of the XEP change, too?  There is a known problem in old versions of the firmware that causes the MAC address to change sometimes.
Double check to make sure RP is using the new IP address.  If that seems ok, try resetting your router so that it will rediscover the XEP.
It was the Wan ip that I mistakenly changed but changed back.  I have internet now.  So I guess its the ip of the m1exp. 
In the TCP/IP settings I have selected "Use a static IP"  And the IP is my ip for my ISP and router.  for "Specify DNS address" I have numbers for the primary only and nothing in the secondary
You should only use your router's DHCP server to manage all your device's IP. Your devices should all be set to DHCP to prevent this problem. Let your router take care of IP addresses for you.
I would think you can take your XEP, plug it directly into your PC and connect to your XEP this way. Then change the XEP to DHCP.
Im no expert about this sort of thing.  How do I go about having the asus router take care of the ip addresses?  I am in elkrp and I see the option to use "Assigned an IP address via DHCP"  I checked the box and still no connection
I do see in the Lan section of the router and in the DHCP Server tab it shows "Enable the DHCP Server" checked
In the router go into the DHCP server, select your XEP, and there assign it's IP address. Make sure XEP itself it set DHCP.
Reboot router, XEP and PC
IF it does not come up then click Windows button and type CMD into the search bar.
In the CMD screen type 
ping [xep's IP]
window should return showing contact with the XEP
close window
Now check router>devices and the XEP should come up as a device on your LAN
Open RP and connect
Bucko, your advice led me to the problem.  My Lan IP on all of my devices had a 2 for the second last number and the ELK had a 1.  I changed the LAN IP pool to be a 1 and now everything works.
Thanks you
Glad to see you got it working.
However your fix is pulling the cart before the horse. You are the keeper of the keys to your LAN. When you create it, and assign it your LAN address, that's all there is to it. A device need not dictate what it thinks your LAN should be set to. Your Elk device (or any device) allows user input of it's IP configs for this reason.
My advice was spot on, and is the way to manage your LAN. Not it managing you. I suspect your subnet mask was different between your device and LAN. This is all your choice when doing a config. These settings need to be in sync with your LAN across all devices and you have to check carefully that they are indeed input correctly.
#1 rule- There should be only 1 DHCP server on your LAN. Usually your router. Be aware that AP's, many cams, dvr's and other devices all have built in DHCP servers that are usually on by default. They must all be turned OFF. while the devices are all set to DHCP and not static. And devices all on the same subnet mask.
A good router's server will ID your devices based on it's MAC address. It does not care about it's IP address since it will change it to join your LAN. That's how it works. Of course you get to tell your DHCP server WHAT ip you want this device to operate under in the settings.
From this point, troubleshooting, managing or configuring your LAN become a one stop shop inside your router. That is how it is done.