Status not updated with manual actuation of RA2 device


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Been away for a while. Glad to see so many people still here!

I just hooked up my RA2 repeater to my Omni for the first time. It's mostly working, but one thing appears to not be working. I can control my RA2 devices via the Omni, but if I control devices manually or with the Lutron app, the new status does not appear on the Omni. That includes consoles, Dealer Access, Myro:Home, etc. - all fail to show the new status. I can only assume that the Omni is either not receiving the updates from the Lutron repeater or is ignoring the messages.

Does anyone know why it isn't working as I expect? That includes the posibility that my expectations are wrong. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Can anyone help me? I'm stumped. Are there configuration parameters on the OP or in the Lutron software that need to be set correctly to get the OP to update the status of units that are changed manually or by Pico remotes or other means?

I used to have that setup, but no more…. Not sure I ever looked at the status being updated. Are you doing something specific with that info?
Thanks for adding your experience. Nothing specific, but I'm just surprised that I can't look at an OP interface - panel, software - to see that status of the lights. If it's only one-way, if I can only set the state of the lights but not know if any changes were made outside of the OP, that's just not as useful.