Sticky for Security Cameras


Hi all,

Maybe we could create a Sticky for rating security cameras?

Each member could rate the security cameras he/she is using.

Just a thought.

I have a few cameras.

My favorite for the lower level back patio is a Speco CVC-7700DN which has IR leds for night time. The camera gives a great picture in all lighting conditions. Highly recommended.

I have a Pelco Spectra II PTZ for the front of the house, but it can also look over the roofline to the east side. Excellent daytime images, not real great at night - but there is little light available. I'm planning to install an IR source, which I hope will improve it.
This is not a topic or discussion new to CocoonTech. Problem is that we found that camera ratings are very subjective. What is good to one person is not adequate for another.

We also tried posting screen shots, but again conditions they were taken in (especially lighting for night time) would vary.

I even proposed a “show your camera†night for one of our chat sessions where people could post their camera specs and make them available for live viewing (I was the only one who participated).

Plus other factors like price (what you pay for what you get) along with other subjective factors make this a very difficult subject to rate/post.
Hi all,

Has anyone ever bought security cameras from an eBay store called CCTV-Surveillance?

Their real name is eDigitalDeals, Inc and they are at

They seem to have a camera selection similar to Automated Outlet in the $100-$150 range.