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Does anyone have an account on GettyImages or other similar sites? I am looking for some stock photos, but I don't want to spend any money on them. Thanks.
I think electron was trying to find "stock" or photos taken by pros that are "generic" in nature that can be used for multiple purposes. Kinda like clipart in powerpoint but high quality photos.
lol Wayne, that was a great response, made me laugh out loud, which rarely happens on a Monday :)

DavidL is right, I am trying to find 'quality' pictures which can be used on a website. Check out to see what I mean. The problem is that they charge you an arm and a leg for some of these pictures.
That's some useful info pete, I didn't know they hosted photos too. I bookmarked the site, but it isn't what I am looking for, I am looking for nice quality pictures of Cocoon related stuff (home theaters, family, living rooms, etc.)
Do you need them in color???

My wifes sister is in a photography class right now and can take professional photos I think. I know she is only shooting in black and white right now so if you can use any of them let me know what you want a picture of and I will see if she can shoot it for you.
that's not a bad start, looks like there is no such thing as free lunch, so that pricing scheme isn't too bad.
This site has some good stock photography. I was able to use alot of it on my site. Many are royalty-free.

Hope you get some use out of it,
good quality, while they are royalty free, there is still a charge for it (royalty free usually means you can use it as much as you want, once you paid for it). Thanks for the link tho, some of the prices aren't too bad.