Store recommendations


I've decided to go with the ELK system and I'm looking at various sites to purchase from. Any insights, site discount etc ? Of course, low price is desirable, but customer service etc are important too. Any recommendations? PM me if you don't want to say in public.

Get it from Automated Outlet. Martin Custer (owner and highly respected forum member) has excellent customer service that many many people will vouch for here and on other forums as well!

HERE is the link to the Elk M1 Product page on his site.
I wouldnt dare buy from anyone other than martin from He has the best customer support so if something should go wrong you know he will be there every step of the way to assist you.
Thanks for the kind words guys.

I personally love the Elk and have 2 of them installed myself - one in the office and one in my house. I think that they are the best home automation value out there and would recommend them to anyone!


Thanks for the feedback - It turns out that their office is about 20 minutes from my office. I'll have to get out there this week.


I enjoyed our phone call and look forward to meeting you.

Make sure to sign up for the NTHAUG. I know Rick is planning a meeting I think later this month!

I can't say enough nice things about AutomatedOutlet after one particular rescue experience. I placed an urgent order with them that they received a few minutes before 5pm local time. They processed it and got it shipped for overnight delivery before close of business. I was due to leave at the end of the following day, so it was just in the nick of time.