Strange Alarm Trigger 1338 Exit Error


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I had a strange alarm trigger on my Elk M1 early this morning. I set the alarm to vacation mode on Saturday 7/27 at 15:26. The alarm was continually set up to and through the event. The logs show the next event after the alarm was armed on 7/27 was a 1338 = Area 1 Exit Error on Friday 8/2 at 3:22. The sensor that showed this error was a GEC-NX-454 Window Sensor. The next event in the log was a 1003 = Burglar Alarm at 3:22.
Has anyone experience that sort of alarm trigger after the system had been armed for a long period of time?
My system is a M1G, firmware 5.2.10, I am using a M1XRF2G with a firmware of 1.0.26.
Is that sensor on a door or a window?  Not sure how you could get an exit error on a zone that isn't defined as a entry/exit zone.
It could be due to some random error in the panel.   Or perhaps a weak battery in the sensor.
The sensor is on windows that is defined as a Burglar Perimeter Instant zone. It is confusing to me as well.
I plan on replacing the batteries, to rule out that possibility.
Some other things comes to mind.  Check the voltage to the board from the AC transformer.  It should be 16 to 19VAC .
How old is the 12V backup battery?  Check the voltage on it to see if it is around 13.8VDC. If the battery is more than 3-5 years old, it's due for replacement. Old batteries can sometimes cause strange behavior.

Also check the CR2032 battery that's on the M1 board, under the plastic cover.   This battery probably wouldn't cause the problem you're seeing, but it's good to check it anyway.
Thanks for the tips, I am working through all of the items. I have replaced the controller CR2032 battery, confirmed the AC transformer voltage at 19VAC and I am going to order a new 12 volt battery.
One strange thing about the windows sensors, I replaced the battery in the one that tripped the alarm and it the sensor seems to have failed and is stuck in the Open state I have another one that is acting the same way after a battery changed. I am wondering if the sensor was having issues. Either way I am looking for a couple new sensor to replace the once that I can't get to work properly again.
Thanks for your help.
One other thing to check is that all the terminals on the data bus wiring are good and tight.