Strange ControLinc Behavior


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I'm trying to do some trigger rules with PowerHome to detect when I puch the All on or All Off buttons. For some reason, PH doesn't see the All On or All Off signals. I have "Insteon In" turned on for logging, and PH see all of the other buttons when they are pushed, but not the "All On" or "All Off" presses. My ControLincs work perfectly to control the groups that I have set up just fine, but PH just isn't seeing them happen. One other possible symptom is that when I push one of the other group buttons, I see the light blink for several seconds afterword, indicating there's Insteon traffic, but when I push the All Off button, there's no extended blinking. Like I said, the lights all turn on and off as expected, it's just that PH isn't seeing it happen. I tried factory resetting the ControLinc, but that didn't change anything.

What's more, this was working just a few days ago. I would see a group 255 signal, but now I'm not seeing them anymore. Any ideas why not?

I replied on the PH forum, but essentailly double check to make sure your ControLinc is still linked to your PowerLinc. Verify the link to make sure it is intact.
Yep, that link is intact for all three of my ControLincs, but the trigger doesn't work for any of them any more. The only thing that has changed recently was I had a SwitchLinc fail the night this trigger stopped working. I have disabled the switch in PH (made in not active) since I am waiting for the replacement to come in. I have factory reset each ControLinc, and manually deleted the PLC and relinked it in each ControLinc. In fact, I have two PLCs, and I have both of them linked into each ControLinc scene.