Strobe hookup


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My new M1 is now up and running on the bench. So far, my high expectations have been exceeded.

I'm unsure how the ELK-SL1 strobe lights are supposed to be hooked up. The sheet that came with them says to use "to a non-pulsed 'Alarm' output or 'violation' output".
Does that translate to Out1, Out2, Out3 or one of the programmable outputs (> Out6)? It sounds like only Out1 and Out2 automatically trip with an alarm. The others depend on custom rules.
I had hoped to use a nice quiet strobe while I experiment with it on the bench. I'm hesitant to get too custom of an alarm and then end up just testing my customizations rather then the normal operation. OR forgetting to put it back to normal again and have not siren.... I'm worrying to much huh? :)

Also, is there a way to disable the ELK73 speaker from operating as a siren but still provide voice feedback?

These forums have been extremely helpful. Unusually high signal to noise ratio.

The strobe gets hooked to Out3 or another relay output. The relay just functions as an on/off switch, you still need to connect 12VDC in the circuit. Yes, the strobe will require a few simple rules.

The M1 has adjustable volumes. I haven't tried turning mine way down, but that (and a pillow over the speaker) might be a reasonably safe test environment and still be the right functionality?
Turn the strobe on for any alarm, then turn it off only when the system gets disarmed.

This way a family member coming home after the sirens have timed out will know the alarm was tripped via the visual strobe signal as it will stay on till someone enters the disarm code.

There was a good example of this methodology in Elk's forums at one time.
Maybe this will help...

OUT 1 †† for speaker(s) ONLY (4 to 8 Ohms).If connecting more than 2, use series/parallel wiring to avoid going below a 4 ohm total load.

OUT 2 Connect ONLY 1 UL Listed Bell or Siren (self-contained). Current limited to 1 Amp. Program Global Option 26 to Voltage.
This output supervised. Speaker(s) only permitted for non-UL installations. Series/parallel wire to avoid dropping below a 4 ohm total load.

OUT 3 NO-NC dry contact relay rated 4A.

OUT 7 through 16 are 12V switched positive voltage outputs rated at 50mA max.

So..... I would use Out 2 (make sure to set voltage option in Globals 26) as long as the non-UL provision is ok with you otherwise
use Out 3 with either the system or a separate power supply. The strobe is 210ma which exceeds the current max on the Out 7-16.
A separate relay board could also be used.

You could put the siren volume down to zero in the globals menu.