Structured wiring panel layouts


I have read the structured wiring 101 documents and was wondering if there is a particular way you should set up the structured wiring panels. I will be wiring for Rg6u, Cat5e, Russound Cav, touchscreens, Cameras, and I will probably be Going with the Elk M1. It will probably require a large panel or maybe 2 panels. Is there a guideline for setting up the inside of these panels that makes the most sense???
You should follow the panel manufacturer's recommendation on cable placement through the top and bottom holes.

On-Q and Leviton instructs for RG-6 to come down the top right holes and Cat5 down the top left holes.

On-Q modules usally mount on the left side of the panel and Leviton seems to be more free form.

The house that I just cabled has 5 levels, so rather than home run all cables to one location, I used two panels; one on the garage level for the first 2 levels, then one on the third level feeding the upper three floors. I then bridged the panels with two 2x2 bundles of structured cables.

The client is getting 11 zones of whole house Audio (Nuvo) and I used Siamese Cat5 and 16/4, home runned to his media closet.

Greyfox Cat5 Camera system will be installed and I decided to homerun the cat5 cables to the media closet as well. Each camera can get an input into the AV Receiver for viewing on the Plasma. Or to a camera card on a pc for viewing on the internet, etc. The cameras can also be modulated back to the panels to watch on any television in the house, but if the future homeowner subcribes to digital cable this can pose problems.

I believe that you should keep security in a dedicated panel, and not necessarily next to your other panels.

As you can probably tell there are many ways that you can run cabling for what you intend to install in your home. You can put everything in a panel(s) or distribute certain components to other places in the house that may be better suited for the task.

Good Luck! ;)
I understand your reply--thanks. Would it be possible to post an annotated picture or two of the panels? Heck, I'd like to see pictures (annotated preferably) of anyone's panels.

Do you have a recommendation for a specific companie's panels? I am also trying to figure out my panel layout, but I am not sure on which companies to get.
I am happy with my Channel Vision panel (very affordable, and high quality), I have a 50", and will probably be soon getting another 50". Here are some pictures of my panel, showing how NOT to do things ;)

These are old pics, and it is only a temporary setup until I have another panel so I can route things correctly.
Do you have a recommendation for a specific companie's panels?
They are all pretty good. The key is to get a panel that is compatible also with other manufacturer's components. For instance, you might like the Channel Vision panels but there might be a module made by Leviton that you like. The Channel Vision, Leviton, OnQ, and Elk panels can all work with each others module fine.

Personally, I like the 50" panels made by Channel Vision. You can never have too much room!
Do you know who makes the Elk cans? They seem to have more hole patterns for compatibility then channel vision - like the larger/smaller hole for the circuit glides. Are they available from the manufacturer in anything larger than the 28"?
Sorry to steer this OT. I believe he wanted to know if there were any sites/tutorials to show him how to setup the panels? I.E. how to wire into them, screw the modules on, etc........
Hmmm. Not sure if you're right or not. They way I read it, his question was answered. Hopefully he will pop back in and let us know if I'm wrong.

For me, there is no one "correct" way to set things up. Every installation is different. However, as a general rule, try to keep like grouped with like. All the coax in one area, all the twisted pair in another, etc. Leave plenty of room for expansion.
Thanks for all your replies!! Some pictures of other peoples panels would probably be helpful. I wasnt sure if there was a particular way that panels were set up, but it seems that there a variety of different ways. I think maybe I will fill out the form at Channelmaster and send it in.


AutomatedOutlet said:
The Channel Vision, Leviton, OnQ, and Elk panels can all work with each others module fine.
Hey Martin,

Are you sure about the OnQ products mixing with the others? I use a CV panel and Leviton modules no problem, but I had a custumer that used a OnQ 42" enclosure and I the Leviton structured media module I got would not work. That was about a year and a half ago, so they might of updated things by now.