Stupid Wiring Question

Just received my Temp/Hum sensor and have a stupid question about wiring it. Since I am not powering the newtwork at this time am I safe in assuming the sensor can be daisy-chanined to the rest of the network by putting both sets of blue and white wires into the screw connector, or would I be better off using the CAT-5 connectors?

I am sure this is a stupid question, but thought I should ask first.


Even if you are not powering it you can use the RJ45 connectors. But the screw terminals will work just as well and yes you would just hook both the incoming and outgoing wires in the screw terminals.

One note that I don't think is on the website yet. It is best if you remove the jumper on the board of you are not supplying external power.

Thanks for the info on the jumper. Since I forsee a hub in my future I assume that I would remove the jumper in the weather station and add the jumper back to the board when I add power.

Thanks Again for the fast shipping and awesome support!!!