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How about having each of us talk about our installation, hardware used, problems faced, challenges overcome, likes/dislikes, etc about our projects? Focus on 1 person's Cocoon for the week. Include pictures, hardware reviews, etc.

And then the rest of us can comment, question, and make suggestions based on what we see.

Personally, I would gain a ton of benefit out of seeing some other people's work... one picture or comment might trigger something that makes one of my projects work better, go easier, etc.

AND, I would gain a lot by sharing my projects. People would ask me questions about the project I never even considered or thought of. Maybe point out potential issues with the way I've done things, etc. I know I'm using different hardware than many members here (HomeVision Pro, UPB, NetWorx security, etc) which would be interesting to some members... and yet some of these watchful eyes would say - "why don't you... ??" which might be something I've never thought of.

A week seemed like a good time period to really get into each persons installation, and yet we can go through 50 a year which would really give people some great ideas.

Just a suggestion... this forum has been very valuable to me, and it seems like an interesting way to get even more value. ;)
It's a very good suggestion, I had actually something similar on my todo list for the new site, but it would have been a monthly thing. Definitely keep the ideas coming!
Actually I have kept a pretty detailed log of my Now Playing project and have shared most of my work with others. I am getting ready to release the Now Playing 2005 version. Might be best if everyone just stated a thread with the details of their projects so if would be easier to follow each. Maybe a seperate forum section for that contained all of the individual project details.

I like it! New Forum just for projects... We should put names into a hat and draw an order of who goes first and then do one a week until we lose track
I like the forum idea as well, I was going to set something up similar to the ADI forums, where projects are showcased. We can do this here as well, allow anyone to start their own project thread, but only one of them will be featured on the front page (weekly or monthly, depending on the input). This should make it easy to integrate it with the new site too.
Thank bfisher, since I wasn't planning on implementing this yet ;) I'll try to get this going today.
Any chance you could enable the owner of the thread to delete replies just in case it starts to get off topic and to keep the thread clean?

jwilson56 said:
Any chance you could enable the owner of the thread to delete replies just in case it starts to get off topic and to keep the thread clean?

Well, I would rather you notify electron or myself if anything like this happens so we could move the thread, or start a new one. Reason I say this is I believe this could spark a LOT of conversation and information exchange and wouldn't want anyone to feel they couldn't post or have information deleted.

We are very active on this board and monitor all the posts submitted, usually minutes after submission, so I wouldn't think this would be a problem (at least it shouldn't last longer than an hour or two).
I agree with BSR.. Last thing we need is forum members mad at each other for deleting post. I like the niceness of this board.