Suggestions for wiring a split foyer?


Hi Folks:
This will be my first major project once we're finished moving in. I plan to start with a pretty typical security system first, but want to expand on that in the future. I feel my goals are pretty realistic: I don't want (well, need) to be able to see who's at the front door, answer the phone, browse my DVD collection, open the garage door, etc all from my TV, from any room and any remote.

Rather than explain what I may do in the future, here's just a quick rundown of my first-go-'round install:

-recessed contacts on all upper-level windows + doors
-glass break in sun room
-motion at front door (landing area), sun room, master bed, and kitchen
-keypad at front door, sun room door, basement door.
-modest wired smokes (one in basement, kitchen, master hallway) to start
-wireless motion + contacts in detached garage (behind sun room)
-elk M1G BTW
-CAT5 for network and phone throughout (at least two per room).

Below is a rough layout of the upper level: the driveway comes from the right, grades up, and swings around to the back where the sunroom is.


Here's a link to full size:Layout

The basement level follows the upper layout almost exactly, except there is a large room below the spare bed and m.bed bath. The basement is about 1/2 finished:

Any suggestions on where I should locate a 38" panel? I really wanted to put the panel in the basement, simply because it is not finished, and I can leave room for more 'stuff'. If I do that however I really need to avoid exterior walls, because I think fishing wire will be a huge hassle there.

The best I can come up with is to put the elk panel alone in the master bed closet, closest to the hallway. This way it's only a short distance to both the attic and basement. Rather than putting a cat5 patch panel in the bedroom closet, I can run it to the basement to under the steps. If need be I'll 'pipe' CAT5 wires from the basement to attic. If I were to put it in the basement, I would have to contend with running a lot of wires up a stair-well wall straight to the attic, which is pretty tall.

Suggestions, comments?


::edited for clarity::