Suggestions for wiring new house


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I wired my house about 15 years ago and am planning a move and a new one.  Walkout ranch with large detached shop building for RV and various other things.  I ran ethernet, POTS, and TV to all rooms in the current house to a wiring closet.  Security system not integrated with HA.  HA was mostly homebrew stuff automated with Raspberry pi and arduino boards.  MythTV for recording OTA TV.  Ran conduits for future changes/additions which came in handy. 
May go with more commercial HA this time.  WAF is important although she has adapted to the current things.  Will go with cell monitoring of security I think.
The detached shop is a new one.  Plan a 60 - 100A power panel and a 2" conduit from the house for low voltage wiring - probably much bigger than I need but no one ever said "I should have installed a smaller conduit".  :)
Looking for advice and suggestions for wiring and automation.
Wire electrical in fuse panel and light switches for automation. 
Utilize deep boxes for wall switches and wire a neutral wire to each wall switch.  
Here broke down loads / fuses to rooms.  Surge protection (in or out of the panel).  I added a second surge protector outdoors next to the outdoor air compressor.   I
E: Main TV room went with separate breakers for lighting and outlets (separated regular outlets from media / TV outlets). 
Master bathroom has a large whirlpool bath and much lighting such that separated electrical to two circuits for bathroom and one circuit for master bedroom.  
Still utilize RG6 here for satellite boxes plus use KODI for live TV streaming and recording over Gb ethernet. 
KODI boxes are like little STBs here streaming from the internet and NAS and from HD Homerun boxes.
May go with more commercial HA this time.  
I do not understand what more commercial HA means?
"more commercial HA" probably means something where the SO doesn't have to SSH into a Pi to turn off a light.
BaduFamily said:
"more commercial HA" probably means something where the SO doesn't have to SSH into a Pi to turn off a light.
Yep, that's the basic idea although not quite that severe.  LOL.
I will be in an area with more strict enforcement of codes.  I ran conduit from basement to attic here with no issues but think the new place will require fire stopping measures.  I asked someone and they said stub the conduit to the plate and cover with a 2x4 with drilled holes (or plywood I suppose).  By that I think he means cut the conduit so it is flush with the top of the top plate and cover it with a board with holes just big enough for the wires.  Seems very impractical - adding wires will require enlarging the holes and that will likely damage the other wires.  I suppose the board could be split so it can be completely removed.  I just put couplings on the ends here to have a smooth end and it supports the conduit.  They may require I clamp the conduit to a stud half way down the wall.  They make material like putty to put in the end that can be removed.
Yeah, there are removable fire collars that you can put on that conduit that can be expanded for more cables and then re-sealed.
Putty is great and all until you try and run a new cable through it, it gets on everything and is just a mess.  The block style penetration seals work great with no mess.