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Since the average shmoe can't start a new thread in the how to and articles forum, would it be possible to setup some sort of approval process? I've seen other boards where certain forums could have new threads started by members, but the posts wouldn't actually appear until they were approved/edited by a moderator, or if it was inappropriate, it wouldn't be authorized to appear.

Just a suggestion ;)

EDIT: And the reviews forum too?
well the reason it's moderators only is because I would like each How-To to be in the same format, using disk space for the images. I usually recommend posting the How-To in the software/hardware category, and one of us can move it. The approval process might work tho if the author doesn't mind some of the layout properties being changed, what do you think about that?
Sounds good to me. I noticed after posting that yopu were already using the "screen before viewable" technique in the for sale section.
John this process can be differnt for differnt motherboards. Did you have a specific one in mind?