Sunrocket going out of business?


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I just found an article discussing how SunRocket is about to go out of business. Since I know many Cocooners use this service, and customers seem to be unaware, I figured I would post this here, just in case it's true.


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I have also read that Vonage is in a court battle with Verizon. Over Vonage infringing on some of their pattents.


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There are many forums, threads, blogs, websites, etc about this and most signs do not look good. reported they were done as of yesterday with service cut off. My line still works (sort of) but customer service, etc is shut down. Maybe a buyer will emerge, maybe we're all just screwed, who knows. Viatalk is offering a 6 month buyout credit for new customers. They say they are more secure being funded by HostRocket, but all VOIP carriers are in a bit of trouble right now. Not a good time to be a VOIP customer... Cable companies are definitely hurting the voip providers.


Yeah, they are dead.
I am one of the SunRocket users and my phone worked last night but today when someone calls our phone number they hearing it just ring and ring and ring. The house phones never ring though. Fortunately we have cell phones. If you call their support number you get a message saying that they are no longer accepting new customers or taking support calls. goodbye. and hangs up on you. If you have a phone number that is important to you then you need to port it away.

Apparently packet8 is trying to buy the users, but one buyer already backed out last friday.;oref=slogin

There is a huge thread at dslreports about this.

dslreports made a copy of the press release that was sent out today available online.

I contacted my cable company this morning and I'm switching back to them for now. I don't want to lose our home phone number that we have had for 10 years. I got the process going to port my number back to them so hopefully that will happen before the numbers are lost.

The viatalk buyout is actually up to one year. They will match up to a year the number of months you had left with Sunrocket.
Although a lot of people posting at dslreports are saying that viatalk changes their promos a lot so it could have changed by now.

200,000 customers losing their service with no warning.