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I need to come up with a way to fund my new UPB addiction. :) I have BellSouth DSL service which has been super reliable. I was considering cutting my service down to plain POTS line and DSL and adding SunRbocket VOIP. I just need to switch my POTS line to my ringmaster number so I can port my main number to Sunrocket. So I will have full VOIP service plus still a regular POTS phone as backup, albeit with no features. I calculated this setup will save me a minimum of $20 month and give me more capability.

Anybody have any feedback on SunRocket? It is $199 yr ($16.48 month) compared to $25 for same in Vonage or Packet8.
I did something similar. I converted from BellSouth POTS & DSL at my old house to cable broadband & Vonage at the new house. BellSouth could not move my old number to the new house, so I had nothing to lose with trying Vonage & porting.

Will SunRocket port a ringmaster (distinctive ring) number? I couldn't find anybody that did that when I moved. I had to change my wire pair to the dist ring number I wanted to keep, drop the other dist ring numbers & DSL, then Vonage would start the port process. My number porting took 5 months & I had dual phone bills the whole time, even though I didn't own the house that BellSouth was still servicing. I need to work with Vonage on getting some credits for their screwups & delays.

When BellSouth rearranges your numbers, you will likely drop DSL service briefly. You will also be considered a "new customer", so watch out for any sign up charges or deals. I got hit with a $50 charge they didn't tell me about, but I was supposed to get a $50 rebate, which has been a hassle (maybe because I canceled DSL before the rebate was paid).
I am not trying to port the ringmaster #. BellSouth told me for a 1 time $28 charge they will change my main number to the ringmaster #. This should make my main # available for porting? I'll have to check for sure.
BellSouth did my number swapping around for free. I had their "Complete Choice" plan, which may be why it was free for me.

Yes, once you do the number re-arranging, you will also need to drop the DSL. And the number transfer process is fatal to your service. Neither of which you want.

You will probably have to convert the number you want to port to a NEW service line. I don't know any other way to do it without killing your DSL service
I did the something similar for awhile: Had a basic POTS line and Vonage. I routed all outgoing from the Vonage line, and all incoming to the POTS line.

I eventually dropped the POTS line after switching to cable phone service. I was happy with the service, it was very reliable, and we had 2 cell phones.

I've been happy with the setup.

One thing to note for others with different situations: If you don't do a number port when you sign up for the voice service (if with the cable company) they may charge an extra $30 service fee (if you do it more than 30 days after the service being setup I think was mentioned). It is waived if doing it during the setup of new service (although a port fee may apply).
Yes, Vonage had a similar fee structure for porting numbers. Free if you request it when starting service and some fee if requested at some later time. With Vonage, the trick is to request the porting as part of the sign up process, but don't complete the porting paperwork until you have truly started the VOIP service and tested it to your satisfaction, THEN complete the paperwork and start the port process. The Vonage port process is only supposed to take 20 days, but YMMV, mine sucked :)

BrightHouse (my local cable company, ex Time Warner) wants $39/month for unlimited VOIP service. Unless you make a lot of long distance calls, that isn't much lower that BellSouth.