Supervisory Control in Elk Wireless sensor


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One of my Elk's wireless sensors just stopped reporting its state. I always says Normal.

This sensor is inside a security cage. Whenever the door was opened, I had a rule that would trigger a discreet anouncement (time of day).

What I dont undesrtand I why the M1 never noticed that this sensor was missing - why it insists that the corrrect status is Normal.

Initially, when I test-installed the sensor I assumed that the cage would isolate 100% of the communication (because of all the metal) and the panel would trigger a trouble, but this didnt happen, so i just got it working.

So what I think that really happened is that the sensor battery got low, but the sensor trouble never reached the panel because the sensor was inside the cage. Now the sensor battery is dead and the sensor cannot report the status to the M1.

What worries me is learning that the m1 cannot determine the missing sensor unless the sensor reports the trouble. Have you found anything similar?
First check the transmitter programming through ELKRP or the keypad to make sure the transmitter is programmed to be Supervised.

There are three options for transmitter supervision: No Supervision, 4 hour supervision for fire, and 24 hour supervision for burglar. If the transmitter is programmed for No Supervision, you will not know if it dies or goes away as in the case of a portable panic button.

Each transmitter transmits a supervisory signal about every hour to the GE/Caddx NX-4xx RF receiver connected to the M1. If the RF receiver does not get a supervisory signal from each transmitter within 4 or 24 hours, a transmitter missing trouble signal is sent to the M1 which will display it on the Keypad and can send a communicator report.

Note: On some of the GE transmitters, taking the battery out will not stop the transmissions for about 50 hours. I removed the battery on one transmitter and caused it to transmit until it stopped transmitting after about 50 transmissions. It then lost its ID code and would not work anymore, so be careful.
I checked in Elk-RP. It is in 1=Normal Supervision. I have to get home to check the status in the keypad.

About the note: So it is possible for a transmitter to die just by not having power?
So...the keypad says Lost Transmitter. But when dialing the M1 and inquiring for Troubles it says Normal. And the Zone status says Normal. Is this OK? I would expect the system to consider a lost transmitter as a trouble. And I think the zone status should not be considered Normal neither.
In the later versions of the M1G firmware, if you update the firmware or power off the system you will have to re-enroll all the wireless zones.

ElkRP won't give you any clue as to the zones not working.

If you re-enroll the zone it should work fine, as far as I can tell
the supervision of the wireless zones does not work.

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