Sure Action Pulsar question


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I did not see much documentation on the net. Do these things just output a signal that is then read like any other wired motion sensor or something?

I want to make sure I have a way to get the information into my HA software. I am planning on using a Phidgets 8/8/8's digital inputs to connect to it.

I'm not sure but I think the key is they send something when activated by a change in strain like somebody stepping onto a section of floor but they will not give continuous output while the person stands there. No good for occupancy but OK for triggering an alarm or something.
They work like resistors, value changes depending on the pressure. These wires connect to a Sure Action cpu unit, which converts these signals to a NC or NO output. These can be used as occupancy sensors, since they work even when you aren't moving. I still have reinstall mine, they worked really well.