Surface mount ELK 28" enclosure on single stud?


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I'm getting ready to install my M1 system and am going to start by mounting an Elk 28" enclosure in my wiring closet. I have a Leviton 42" enclosure for all my structure wiring on the back wall and was planning on installing the Elk on the left wall of the closet. As you can see from the attached photo from when the walls were open, all the security wiring comes out of a mudring about halfway up the height of the wall (the wires at the top are for the doorbell). The mudring is attached to the single stud which is about halfway across the width of the wall and I was planning on surface mounting the enclosure just below this mudring.

After receiving the enclosure on Friday I realized that the installation instructions specify how to flush-mount it between studs during construction, but not if/how it can be surface mounted after the drywall is up.

I'm guessing my best option is to attach several screws down the center of the enclosure into the single stud but am concerned about whether or not this would be sufficient to hold the weight.

Edit: I guess I could also attach a drywall anchor in each corner...

Any advice?



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4 drywall anchors should me more than sufficient. If you can hit the stud as well its a bonus but not necessary. I use the EZ Anchors and they work great.
I use those anchors as well, they are great! You can get them at any hardware store.
Thanks guys. I ended up mounting the enclosure towards the right side of that wall so that the wires could come out of the mudring and through the grommet hole on the back of the enclosure. I used four drywall anchors and it does seem pretty sturdy. I should also be able to hit the stud but am going to wait until everything else is mounted so I know which screw holes are free.