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Hey guys,

I'm looking to use X-10 to control multizone audio through an audio jukebox PC and am currently trying to map out how many keys I need to do everything I want.

I ran across the Keypad Linc on at Automated Outlet and saw that it supports up to 4 toggles which could make life much easier.

My question is whether each button can be set to toggle independatly or do they all have to be set to toggle the same number of times?

Just for a general overview of what I'm thinking of doing, I'm hoping to load up an Audio PC (APC) with 5 sound cards (4 zones+1 synced zone). The APC will be running 5 instances of Winamp, 1 for each sound card. For interfacing the APC and the X10 switches I'm going to use a CM11A and Girder running the CM11A plugin.

I figure I can use an 8 button Keypad Linc to control Stop, Play, Next Track, Prev. Track, Vol +, Vol -, Synced Play, and Zone Play. If I can use the Keypad Linc's toggle feature I can combine what would be otherwise seperate buttons and add additional features like Pause/Unpause and Random play.

So, having said all that (and hoping it all makes sense as I am well past my bedtime) would the KeyPad Linc be appropriate in this case?

Each button on the keypadlinc is programmed separately. In other words, yes. when programming each button, you decide whether that button toggles (On, then off), or sends sends the same command with each press.
Yes, Martin is correct. You can program each button to either toggle or execute the same command on each key press.

I have two of the eight button keypadlincs. Please note that these switches do require a neutral (white wire) connection.

Another note if you use the toggle feature. If you use another source other than the keypadlinc (say a remote), it must register (broadcast status) the command thru your system so the keypadlinc will "see" the command and not get out of sync.

Not a big deal in most cases, but I've run into this when turning lights on with those cheap X-10 toggle switches (that do not support status), then try to turn that light off using the keypadlinc. Have to press that button twice because it didn't know that the light was initially on.

Also, the easiest way to program those keypadlincs is with an X-10 Maxi Controller. The instructions supplied provide the additional details.
Thanks for the info guys, just what I was hoping to hear.

I won't be using these keypads for controlling anything other than winamp and with the exception of when the keypad is set for the synced zone there will only be one keypad per zone.

It sounds like I may run into the "double tap" in some rare instances but it shouldn't be a huge deal.

Thanks again.

If you wouldn't mind could you post any code you will use in controlling Winamp (and specify what version of Winamp you used)? Doesn't have to be anything elaborate, but others might be interested.


No prob. There really isn't a whole lot to it. The glue that'll hold all this together is Girder (http://www.girder.nl).

There's a plugin for Girder that allows 2 way X-10 communication and you can set Girder to react to in a certain way depending on the input it receives. Since Winamp has shortcut keys, and Girder can mimic keypresses as a response to a particular input, I was just going to go that route.

If you haven't checked Girder out, I suggest you do. It's a pretty slick tool that can be used in all kinds of automation.
Oh, and I'm going to be using WinAmp version 2.91. I didn't really care for ver. 3 all that much and I haven't tried the newest ver. 5, but I did find some people doing what I want with 2.91 so I figured I'd stick with that.

WinAmp Forum links on Multi-Zone with WinAmp.
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Multi-Zone WinAmp
I am using Girder in a client<->server network environment. I have my dvr (xp based) processing my IR commands, when I i.e. start a movie, Girder starts the movie, but also notifies Girder on my Homeseer machine that this command was issued, and then dims the lights using hsc.exe, so no x10 plugin needed.

There is also a very nice Girder plugin for Homeseer now, but haven't had the time to try it yet, looks promising.

With Girder you can control any app, even if it's hidden from the task manager, much more reliable and powerful than hs.sendkeys for sure.
Yeah, girder's good stuff.

I think I may have run into a snag using Winamp though. I'm not sure because I don't have a spare soundcard to toss in my machine yet, but it looks like girder may not be able to tell the difference between multiple instances of Winamp running.

I tried running 2 copies of Winamp at once and Girder only say winamp.exe. I even tried renaming one of the winamp.exes to winampzone2.exe and it still only registered winamp.exe. The result was sending a Next Track command to girder caused both instances to skip to the next track.

It may be that I just need to pop another soundcard in my box and setup the second copy of winamp to play on that soundcard but I'm not sure if even that will let girder see the difference.

Only one way to find out ;)
let me know if this still doesn't work after installing the second sound card, I would like to try this for myself, I will help you try to figure this out if needed.
Hey guys,

I placed my order for soundcards, finally. Ended up going with a company on the web I don't remember having used before but apparently did since they had all my contact info. (Don'tchya' just love that! :wub:)

I ordered 5 AW850D's from Macena Online Computers. I don't know if I'd go with them again or not. They had some troubles with their database that first didn't charge my account (so I didn't know if the order had actually been placed or not) then deleted my info when I tried to login and check the status of my order. I was able to talk to 'em and they said they got the order off today (Monday) but it was placed on the 22nd. Maybe it'd have been better if everything had gone off without a hitch, but the price was certainly right!

Once I get all these buggers in my hot little hands I'll give it a whirl. Assuming of course that I have time between work and moving into the new condo! ;)