Switchlinc V2 version 2.4 600 Watt


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Exactly what version Switchlinc V2 do I need to get rid of this annoying problem? My 300 watt total dining room chandelier flickers like crazy whenever it is dimmed or dimming and there is a lot of PL activity as the result of an Insteon Scene in progress.

I also noticed that this problem was barely noticeable immediately after the switch was installed. Once the switch warmed up a little bit, the effect was like a strobe light every time.

Do I need Smarthome to give me a free upgrade to the 1000 watt model to fix this?

I've also recently noticed that my KPL V2 buttons sometims flicker in unison with PL activity.

I'm getting pretty tired of uninstalling/reinstalling Insteon switches. ;)
I've not had any trouble with any of my loads flicker (as of yet). But both of my KPL's keypad lights are flickering when there's any PL traffic. It's getting annoying. It seems to increase with more installed devices.
My 1000watt controlling 6 75 watt recessed lights flickers too. I have another that I will swap it with this weekend. The 600 watt one I had in same use before blew out when a bulb burned out, so I upgraded to the 1000 watt one and now have flickers.
I have flickering on a set of recessed lights.

Will the flickering always be the fault of the LOAD switchlinc, or can a control-only switch create the flickering too?

I ask because this particular light load has both a LOAD switchlinc dimmer, and a control-only ICON dimmer linked.

Both are in separate multi-gang boxes with other Insteon switches...and the room in question has 8 Insteon switches, a controlinc and an appliancelinc in it...

WAF is rapidly decreasing as she thinks it is lightning outside...