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Syntax Olevia LT26HVE $599 @ fry's


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Anyone looking for a 26" lcd? This is a steal at this price. Only downside is that this set lacks a zoom feature. I have had mine for 3 weeks. It rocks, except for the black bars while watching a dvd :lol:


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Top and bottom. I believe 480i/p is a 4 by 3 resolution, and my dvd player outputs the widescreen movie with bars on it. For my mitsubishi tv, it has a zoom feature where it stretches the screen vertically, so the image takes up the whole screen. My syntax does not do that, and now I end up watching a wide screen movie on a wide screen tv with black bars :lol:


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wait till you get a DVD which has black bars on all sides, now that really sucks lol. I returned several DVD's back to WalMart when I found out they 'faked' the widescreen process.


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If your watching a wide screen DVD on a wide screen TV and you are getting black bars then the DVD was recorded with a non standard aspect ratio. If you look on the case somewhere near the bottom is the aspect ratio. Movies with (I think) a 17:9 will not have the bars.