system sensor 4wt-b smoke wiring issue


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Hello all,
having gone down the rabbit hole as I change my honeywell panel over to Konnected wireless, I popped the covers off my smoke detectors since ever since we purchased our house I would have erratic false alarms. I have 2 sets of wires feeding into my panel so I assumed 3 detectors on my master side of the house were one set, my guest bedrooms and their hallway were the other set.
sorry if this is long
so on my guest room side all 3 detectors have a  pair of white wires in the + slot, a pair of blue wires in the - slot. 2 of them have  a pair of black wires in the NO slot and a pair of red wires in the C slot. the third detector reverses the red and black pairs.
one of the wire sets in my panel labeled fire are red, black, blue and white so this should be my guest room side.
on the master side, 2 of the 3 detectors have a pair of white in the + slot, a pair of blue in the - slot, a pair of black in the NO slot and a pair of red on the C slot.
in my master bedroom detector I have the following 1 orange and 1 white in the + slot, 1 green and 1 black in the - slot, 1 yellow and 1 red in the NO slot and i blue and 1 brown in the O slot.
the second set of wires in my panel marked fire are orange, brown, green and yellow.
the connections in my panel are as follows: from the first set marked fire, red wire is in #18, black wire is in #19, blue joins with brown from the second set and goes to a pin connection in mid panel, white joins orange from the second set and also goes to pin connection.
on the second wire set green joins black at #19 and yellow is #20
are these smoke detectors wired correctly?
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
It would help a lot if you posted pictures of the wiring to each smoke detector, and as well as pictures of the wiring at the panel.
You won't be able to post photos until you've made a few more posts (5 or so).  But you can put the photos on imgur or some other photo service and put links to them in your post here.
You didn't mention which model of Honeywell panel you have, and it's difficult to know how it's wired up without that.