System Sensor smoke 2112ATL and Elk remote zone expander


Folks, trying to reuse an existing System Sensor 2112ATL smoke alarm with a remote elk zone expander and P212S power supply.
​For S-AUX I was planning on connecting the +12VDC to the relay output on the PS12S to momentarily cut power to the smokes to unlatch and reset them.
However I am aware that the 2112ATL has a sounder that responds to a 3-pulse temporal pattern. I am not sure if I can produce this easily without a connection to the M1. Question is can I just ignore this and wire the sensor as normal? There is an siren right next to the smoke alarm anyway.
The 2112ATL has some weird terminology, but this is how to wire it from reading this forum.
Red: 12V DC ---> Output B N/C ---> Output B Common ----> (+)
Black: Negative ---> (Sync)
Yellow: Zone XX ----> (Z+)
Green: Zone NEG ----> (Z-IN)
EOL between Z+ and Z(out)