T103-rs232 Baud Rate problem


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Works great at 9600 with homeseer but if I throw the dip switch to 19200, change the com port setting in XP to 19200, Homeseer comes back with a message during start up that it can't communicate with the controller....yet if I force a simple on/off command at 19200 to any device, it works just fine. port is set at 19200 8N1 no hardware control. At dip switch set on the 103 at 9600 all works just fine!

Does anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong, what's causing the error message?


If I remember correctly, the T103 plug-in for HomeSeer sets the baudrate, and the settings in XP have no effect.

There may be a way to have the plug-in set the baudrate to 19.2k, but I don't know of a good reason why. Since X10 only works at 60 baud, even 9600 baud is much faster than it needs to be.