Tablet as display/input for home control?


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Have an off the shelf atomic clock (syncs to atomic clock radio signal) with outside temp sender. Replaced batteries and now the unit is acting crazy. Have pulled the batteries overnight and tried again but same results. Our previous one lasted longer (this one is only about a year old) but it quit after a few years. Thinking I could display time and temp from the web on a tablet. Somewhat more than a replacement clock but lots of flexibility on what I display and could even have on screen buttons for control of things with a bit more work. Someone has probably already put out software to do this. Or is there a better alternative?
Here using customized tabletop touch tablets with embedded Windows running Homeseer Touch and OmniPro Touch and (HA).

These run mostly Ubuntu Linux with base EFI boot or Windows with Seabios. They run a remote agent which is managed by Homeseer.

You could do similar with a used HP Elitepad G2 1000 running Windows 11. I have a couple of these that dual boot WIndows or Ubuntu (and Android)

Android tablets work sort of the same except not being to run Intel Windows.

Default screensavers used are photo from NAS, Flipclock, mosaic, et al that typically run when there is no interaction.

Have a GPS/PPS - NTP server connected to the firewall here for accurate time.
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I am looking at Home Assistant. There's a local group of users. I used Misterhouse a little years ago but it's getting pretty old.
I have a few Echo Shows. I find other's 5" Show not worth the effort, but I have two 8" Shows that can do all that,plus the side features of current weather, statistics from Wikipedia and total home control via my polISY box that supports most of my lighting levels, timing and colours and air quality sensor. They can also show the current video from any webcam I have running at the moment when asked.
I use Amazon fire tablets (cheap during the yearly sale) with HSTouch (Home Seer). They're wall mounted and powered with Makes by Mike mounts.