Taking the HS2 Plunge


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OK.. Just to get a good reaction from BSR, I'm now starting the HS2 installation.
I'm starting with an existing machine (one with no "issues") and am replacing the hard drive. That way I can revert back by simply unplugging.

I've downloaded the exe installer.
I'm installing a fresh copy of WinXP Pro
I'm doing all the updates
then I'm gonna run the installer

Anyone have any other suggestions?
Isn't this gonna be fun??

I am not transferring ANYTHING.
EVERYTHING will be fresh and new.
Good luck! I'm betting it will be fine.

Might want to download the latest .NET version - as I don't think the one included in the HS installer is the newest.....

That's about what I did, except I used a brand new 'puter, didn't touch my 1.7.4 machine.

Started with HS 2.0 build 1951, and now up to build 1972. Much more stable, and fixed a lot of the earlier problems.

I did get in on the PCI Modem, Neo Voices special, as I did not have them before.

My wife suddenly (overnight, earlier this year) lost over 80% of her vision in one eye, and the other isn't doing much better, so I have HS2 using CID announcements over the remote spkr app. (Got a high WAF for that, since she no longer could see the Caller ID displays on the phone, and I installed a 20"LCD monitor on her computer set at 800 X 600 so she can still use that.

I know with your talents, you will have zero problems with HS2.
Thanks John

So is the process install HS2 from the download, then go right away to the updater, and get all updates?
Trying to remain calm.... where do you download a later version of this HS2 software?

The updater has nothing....

Go to Homeseer Message Board.

Under HS2 forum, read the stickies. That where you get the link for the 1972 build.

((and you wonder why folks are frustrated! (the updater doesn't update)

EDIT: Just noticed BSR's Take Deep Breaths was the link :)
Trying to be totally objective....

Updated to the latest release, HS 2 is up and running. Downloaded the HAI thermostat plug-in, and it does not seem to be picking up my tstat. (Cannot communicate)

I'll troubleshoot that, and start entering devices tomorrow morning.
So far so good.

I think the interface is pretty ugly, but that's OK for now.

Kinda nice having 2 drives to switch between. I've moved the weather station to another box temporarily, and will move that back once 2.0 proves itself.
The reason they haven't moved the HS updates to the updater just yet is there are many that can't run the updater if they are behind a firewall with a proxy server. In addition they have changed install tools 3 times in the last 3 deliveries and once they have a working install they are going to add HS to the updater.
A very poor excuse, Rupp, for a RELEASED product.

(oops, I digressed... :) )

I'm all updated now. Todays job... figure out why HAI thermostat does not work...
works fine in HS1.......
All devices are added...no problems

I cannot figure out how to add IR commands. Can anyone help? Wait.. I think I've got it....
Ya know... this software is very very cool.

So far no issues except the learning curve.

The remote speaker is awesome!

Sounds like you are making great progress.

It's been 2 days 10 hours 13 min since my last reboot. I'm noticing an error message in the log the last 6 hours:

In REMSpeech Speak: Requested Service Not Found

Although it is still speaking the weather each hour, I'm going to go ahead and reboot the server, because It will start going downhill from here :)