Tech & Automation in a Forward Operations Base

Good to hear from you John. Keep us informed on this router issue and keep safe.


Good to hear from you and that your fighting the good fight. Its fellows like you that keep us safe here at home.


You, and the other people over there have my utmost respect and admiration.


I didn't mean to put a damper on the conversation. Please accept my apologies if I offended anyone, I meant no harm.

As for the pictures; I thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks again for serving our country, we really do appreciate it.

BTW: Did the router channel change help? I have a similar conflict with my neighbor's wireless setup. (I also clued them in that they might want to enable encryption :)

I'm not sure yet if the channel changes helped yet. My particular location has me close to one of the routers, so I was not getting any issues myself. I think I I started walking around with my laptop, I'd better be able to guage if there's an improvement.

Right now it's really early in the morning and the network is being very responsive. I guess everyone's still sleeping so I have all the bandwidth to myself :)

Talk to you guys later. Time to get another hour of sleep and then get to work!