Telephone archiver tapping device



By using an old laptop, a home made chat-cord and some parts from an old telephone you can build a telephone tapping device. Add Atropos to the mix and you have yourself an telephone call archiving system that will save all incoming and outgoing calls. Maybe not that legal if you actually use it, as it’s illegal to tap phones in most contries. It’s probably even illegal to tap you own phone but a fun project non the less.
Link: Telephone tapping archiver
I think it depends on which state you are in. Some allow recording if at least one party knows and agrees to it (in this case you). Others do not and require both parties. If I recall NY and FL were among the stricter of the cases, but I haven't seen this in some time (so the above could have changed as well).

Nice concept though.
Instead of archiving, is there a way to use an internet connection to sream the call to a remote location? Or maybe easier, just have the archived files copied to a remote location at the end of each call?
That sounds cool! I wonder how long it will be before they make baby monitors that are like IP cameras... stand alone internet devices for streaming audio to remote locations without the need of a PC?

For that matter, why not make one that runs on batteries and automatically grabs the nearest open 802.11 link to stream out so there is no wiring required? It could even be small, say the size of a coat button, with some double sticky tape so you can place it discretely under a table or something so as not to mess up the decor....