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Television Lifts


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Thanks to John's link to the installers forum at remotecentral.com I came across something that has always peaked my interest. Hidden TV's...

Here's one site that sells em... whether they are good or bad, I have no idea (I only skimmed that forum), but I like the idea. Moreless, I would love to have the projector slide down out of the ceiling at the same time as the screen. ((One can dream, can't he?))


There are a lot of other manufactures, but I really like their front page, if for no other fact that they have a painting move out of the way of the display... think hidden safe... too smooth.

Can't wait to win the powerball this weekend :unsure:


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I thought plasma tvs couldn't be laid down? The one that flips from the ceiling would lay the TV down would it not?

Any ideas of the prices of these things?


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Not really sure about pricing, but I did come across one price (without having to submit a proposal)... It was a "Econo-Lift" that went up to a 27" tv....price: $795 :eek:

I can only imagine what some of the other ones run....


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Yup. Lifts are not cheap. Or even "moderately priced". Of course, would you want something cheap that might dump that expnsive TV on to your head, resulting in even more expensive hospital bills?