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Guy Lavoie

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This is really hard to believe. I sent an email to Jon Armstrong to ask a question and got back this response as a private reply from his account on the Applied Digital board:


I'm sorry to say that Jon has passed away suddenly from a Cerebral Anyurism. His death was very sudden and quick. My name is Gabriel Chapman, I am his son-in-law. I work in the IT field and know exactly how much Jon loved his tinkering with remotes/ir and the various X-10 related computing.

His funeral will be held this comming Saturday at Gawler's & Sons funeral home at 2PM in Washington DC where he lived. If you or anyone would like any more information please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you,

Gabriel Chapman"

This is horrible news. Jon helped me through many of my early IR hurdles. Jon you will be remember in my heart and I pray for your family's peace.
His knowledge and experience sure will be missed, but equally so will we miss his pleasant demeanor and helpful attitude. The HA community owes him a lot of gratitude.
Jon will be missed, over the years I have seen jon help many people including myself. He was a whiz with IR, and always pleasant and seemed to go out of his way to assist other users. Not too many of those these days.

So sad.

Very sad news, We've lost a great person who was an incredible asset. He, along with Guy, provided a lot of help to me when I was getting my Ocelot working. He'll truly be missed!
Great idea GLT. Can we somehow chip in for the flowers? Paypal or something?

The use of the word "friend" really sums it up well.

Jon, as you're up there automating the pearly gates, don't forget to include discrete open and close codes... That's the way I want to remember him.
Thanks, but not necessary Guy.

I hope you will just do what Jon would want, continue to help others here and in the Adicon forums. Hope you are up to date on your IR knowledge, we are going to need it now.


PS. Please get me those discrete pearly gate codes, without them I don't think they will let me in!
That's the thing GLT, each one of us has been taught various aspects of IR encoding and all (a lot of it explained to us by Jon himself) but he really had the "big picture" as to which codes and formats were used by which brands and models. He also had a lot of experience in looking for discretes. Knowledge can always be acquired, but experience cannot be quickly replaced, and is why we appreciated his frequent help so much.

One thing we can do however is band together and do our best at sharing what we know. All the information is out there, although Jon had it all in one convenient place and cross his brain. I think that our resiliance as a group and overall eagerness to help each other out will produce positive results over time: I'm not worried about that. :p

Yesterday evening, I emailed Gabriel Chapman (Jon's son in law) to thank him for his prompt message back to me after I had tried to email Jon, and Gabriel just replied as follows:


Thank you for your kind words. As a member of several online communities, I know exactly how tight a group can become. If you could pass the word that in lieu of flowers, could the various members of your group send a donation in Jon's name to his fathers Scholarship fund. Jon's father was a teacher at Lee College, and Jon had set up a scholarship fund in his name. Donations can be sent to:

Roland P. Armstrong Scholarship Fund:
c/o Dr. William McNeil at Lee College
PO Box 818
Baytown, TX 77522

Once again, thank you all for your kind words of support. Jon's sudden passing has been a shock to us all, truly a great loss to all who knew him."

- That got me thinking: if we want to do this, someone located in the US could maybe coordinate a collection using Paypal for a few days and then send a check for the total amount to the foundation. Individual gifts could remain anonymous but the total amount sent could be posted in a future post. If anyone wants to set this up, I'd participate. Just an idea...