Terminal Strips - Shorting


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Are there terminal strips anyone know of that have "shorting bars"?

I tried to google it, but haven't found anything.

It seems to me this would be a pretty common thing, since many applications for strips are done in a breakout fashion, i.e. one-to-many. I know I could always wire one side together, but was hoping for a cleaner/simpler solution...

I believe that RadioShack sells the "strip jumpers" as I have bought them there in the past.

These are DIN rail mountable terminal strips that you can get internal jumpers.

Altech Terminal Block Page

Allied is usually cheaper than Grainger, just no local wharehouses...

You may also want to search for terminal blocks on Newark Electric's website.
as a hack I have used a peice of 1/4" wire mesh, cut so it's basically one wire with a bunch of short 3/16 stubs, wire the stubs to the terminal block and cover with tape . .

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If you are running multiple low current sources from a single larger power supply, the individual circuits should be fused.
If you are using a terminal block, then as tciii said, Radio Shack has the jumpers for them. If you are using a European style strip, you need to jump them yourself with wire.
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I am posting to an old message, but this might be good information to have in the archives.

I found this helpful little wiring terminal at my local electronics store. The terminal is for a pair of connections that breaks out to 6 terminals for each of the inputs. It is perfect for connecting multiple 32 ohm speakers in parallel to the ELk panel. The item is called "The Terminal" model BT-6 and is made by Data Comm Electronics.