Texas Instruments announces location tracking using ZigBee


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The CC2431 from Texas Instruments is the first SoC with a hardware location engine targeting low-power ZigBee® wireless sensor networking applications, such as asset tracking, patient monitoring, inventory control, security and commissioning networks. The device features a powerful RSSI-based location engine—which reduces network traffic compared to centralized location systems—and is supported by Z-Stack™ protocol stack from TI.

The CC2431 is based on the industry’s first available SoC solution for low-power RF applications, the CC2430. Both devices combine the excellent performance of the industry-leading CC2420 RF transceiver core with an enhanced 8051 microcontroller, up to 128 kB flash memory, 8 kB of RAM and many additional features – all in a small 7mm x 7mm package.

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