Text to Speech Demo


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Wow! Just ran across this speech demo this morning. It is definately one of the best and most expressive voices that I have heard to date. You can check it out HERE.

I am sure this is not available for purchase reasonably for the desktop, but it shows that the TTS s getting better and better.
The female voice isn't that great, but the male one is pretty impressive. Looks like their VR technology is topnotch as well, even being able to identify the speaker using the voiceprint. Looks like this is for call centers tho, so I don't think they will sell to us, would be worth a shot tho.
Well I just filled out their web form for more information. I explained what it was for and a potential new client base for them. I'll let ya's know if I hear anything.
The male voice is awesome but the female voice is really bad IMO. I would buy it tho just for the male voice if the price was right.
The music in the background is an old demo trick. It distracts you from the artifacts in the TTS joins. Cepstral, for example has demos that are more "honest" in the portrayal of the voices as they will be heard during actual use.

I think the music was put in place to keep people from recording phrases and saving them to their computer to use.

The music only "crecendo's" once every couple seconds, and the speech during the quiet times still sounds amazing. As people said the female voice sounds pretty bad, and the male voice sounds REALLY good. There is music in the background for both....
I had the female voice speak the same text as the male voice, and it was a disaster, not sure if it is because the music is missing, or if they are just different technologies (hard to believe tho).
I did the same thing and i agree. Hard to believe that they would even put them next to each other on the list.
Well I have to say I was a bit supprised. I filled out their form on the web yesterday, asking a few questions, and got a response this morning! I cant even count the emails and such that I was sending about "Heather", and all went unanswered till this day.

They wanted to know what type of software I was developing yadda..yadda...yadda...

I replied with a lengthy email explaining that it would be for "end user" use, and described in detail how it would be used. Even as far as to give a few "demo texts" such as caller ID announcing, reading email, status of lighting, and so on. I mentioned the large user base for this type of application as well.

I will keep everyone posted on what they say.

I also agree, the female voice shouldnt even be on the same PAGE! Only problem is my computer is named "Samantha", that would become quite strange with a male voice responding ;)