The LaserDisc Dilemma


Staff member posted an interesting article about how recordable dvd arrived right in time to save the aging laserdisc content. Here's an excerpt from the article:

Recordable DVD may have arrived just in time for LaserDisc buffs to preserve important films in their collections.

Before the current, immense, popularity of DVD (which has been on the scene for about five years), LaserDisc, which debuted in 1977, was the best format for viewing high-quality pre-recorded video content amongst home theater enthusiasts and film buffs. Despite the lack of strong marketing, a short list of manufacturers, the large size of the discs (12") themselves, and the high cost of both discs and players, several million consumers worldwide are well aware of how LaserDisc paved the way for both the way we enjoy home theater and DVD today.

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Some of the better DVD recorders: