The Pizza Project.. part II


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I recently came across this thread on the HS forums: The Pizza Project and was inspired to try something simliar.

I was wondering if anyone already has a script that does this, or something similiar that they would be willing to share, so I can study it and use it as a learning tool.

My goal is to try and port it over into LUA, for use with girder and Netremote. Ideally, I would like to have pictures of different pizzas on the touchscreen, and with the push of a "button", have the the pizza ordered and delivered.

I would approach it differently, Generate a batch of wav files using TTS, then when you say "order me a peperoni pizza", it knows which wav file to play, so it calls the local pizza place, plays the message (and append to the end: please call this # if there are any problems). Have HS record their answer and play it back once the order has been completed.
LOL... Jom, its not that I eat a lot of pizza perse, but that I would like to no how to do it. Its more so for learning, than for the actual "ordering a pizza"

I thought about that as well. A few snags. I dont have a landline. I dont use HS. And what happens if they put you on hold (they always do). I guess if you were really crafty, you could set it up to where the "pizza guy" had to give feed back to the system (via pushing certain buttons).

I did get this working in girder, without any scripting, but it is messy as all get go, and I didnt learn anything about scripting :huh:

Well, back to the [LUA] books I go.
I thought you were going with the phone option as well. So I presume you are leaning towards the ONLINE ORDERING option?
I followed your lead, AO, but apparently they only offer Carry-out for my address :)

I have been able to do this without scripting, using Girder, but as I say...its a bit sloppy (therefore, I dont really trust it). I was able to order a pizza today, but it was by "experimental accident", and I had to cancel the order.... meaning I never got to time the delivery process.

Edit: I'm thinking that I will put a "block" on my local pizza account while I test. Tell them to call me to verify any and all orders... If they give me any flack, I'll just tell them that some kids have been sending me pizzas (and other take-out), and I'm tired of being "bamboozeled, by them meddlin' kids".

Nonetheless, while I know my goal is ambitious for my first script, my main goal is just to learn. If this never comes to fruition, I won't cry :huh:

Wish me luck, and expect some really basic programming questions in the near future,


I would like to help you tackle this project. What pizza places allow online ordering? I have never ordered a pizza online or in any automated way. I like your idea for the pictures with differnt topings. Lets do it for the fun of it!
Elmo knows how to browse websites and play online games, I suggest you don't post your account details in here, or you will have a real problem :huh:
Hey Squintz,

I've been working with Papa John's.
Do you have girder? If so, I can send you what I have thus far. (Its not much mind you), but you can then see how I've been approaching this, without scripting.

Right now, Im just trying to write the first part of the script... Log-In :huh:
Keep getting errors...Then again, I'm not sure how to use DOM objects correctly and even if they are necessary for this portion. Still have much more to read...