The Ultimate DVR/PVR Software List


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Since it looks like there are many DVR/PVR software solutions out there now, I am going to try to put them all in one post, making it easier to see what's on the market, and how it compares. So if you know of any stable solution which turns your PC into a DVR/PVR, please post them here.


Meedio TV ( )
MediaPortal ( )
GB PVR ( )
Got All Media ( )

MythTV ( )
Freevo ( )

Mac OS
Mac Media Center ( )


CTpvr ( )
Xlobby ( )
Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition
Beyond TV ( )
SageTV ( )
ShowShifter ( )
SesamTV Media Center ( )
TVedia ( )

SageTV ( )

Mac OS
I am trying to gather software solutions (which depend on hard ware of course), so it is easie to find out what is out there. I guess we need another thread for hardware.
I forgot about that one TonyNo (it looked pretty impressive too), I updated the list.
SageTV rocks, there is no serious competition.

They're advancing the product at a rapid rate, stuff like their Internet PlaceShifter [watch your TV anywhere or even locally on low-powered devices], skinning capability, and for us CQC'ers, within a few months we'll hopefully have the ability to ditch the SageTV skin and choose TV shows from a screen of our construction. In my case, i'll make it look darn near identical to my DVD screens. Why should I care whether my video entertainment came from a physical CD or broadcast over the airwaves? Plus, I can put the mzone a/v, security, weather controls on the wrapper and finally have a consistent UI for all a/v entertainment.
I have played with Sage TV and its not bad at all. I have a problem with Live TV but other than that it seems to do what I want it to do.

I still have to download version 6 and see what else I get from it.

I dont think I use it to its full potential since I know very little about this type of product. The manual is just to much information.