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My wife and I went shoping for theater seating last night at LaZBoys. I really liked what they had to offer but was sticker shocked. Their "Theater Seating" was priced at about twice as much as their regular recliners and the recliners looked much better and were certainly more comfortable.

The one thing I liked about LaZBoy was that if the Chair reclined then the back of the chair was removable. The lady said that they were know for ahving removable backs to allow the furniture to be placed in rooms with small doorways.

My basement won't fit anything larger than a small love seat because there is a closet in the way at the top of the stairs. We desided that we like their oversized recliners. They call them "1 and a halfs". Its basically a recliner that tightly fits two people. So we were thinking about getting one of those and two of the single recliners.


So I was wondering if any of you knew of other stores or brands who had removable backs?
Don't know others, but I'll put in a good word for LaZBoy. I've had my recliner for about 13 years and love it. The wood frame on the bottom broke twice, but they have (or at least had) a lifetime warranty on parts. I repaired it twice and hasn't cost me a dime.
And I will put in a bad word for LazyBoy.

Wife bought me one year's ago that lasted 7 years and then the arms came unglued inside.

LazyBoy sent a factory rep out who tore it apart and reglued it and less than 6 months later it broke again.

They said the lifetime warranty was only on the mechanicals not the wood structure and wouldn't do anything else for me.

I wished them a nice day and said I would rush right down to the store and buy another one right away (not !)

Never again !

I have also had a bad LZB experience.

We bought a matching recliner, love seat and couch. Both the couch and love seat have two recliners each. When we made our purchase, we specifically told the saleswoman we did not want to buy anything that the cushions/padding would fail on like our last set had.

Granted, I like to sit in the sweet spot which is on the end of one of the couches, but after 9 months the padding was compressed to the point you couldn't straddle the end seat with the middle seat.

I weigh ~185

I called LZB who ordered a new seat cushion. When the tech came out I asked him about it. "Oh yea, this style of furniture will ALWAYS do this, you should have bought something else"

So, after two years and $3000 dollars we need to buy new furniture. It won't be LZB...


nsisman said:
They said the lifetime warranty was only on the mechanicals not the wood structure and wouldn't do anything else for me.
Neil, Unless it was purchase prior to 1992 or a specifically excluded model, their warranty is very clear and states wood frame is lifetime. Sounds like either you had a specific model or were fed some horse manure.