Thermostat automation help


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I am looking to replace my 3 thermostats with a controllable thermostat system. 2 are heat only zones and 1 is heat and A/C. I do not plan on getting a main controller like Elk or JDS anytime soon due to money constraints. I did search the forum first and found the following post: cocoontech thermostat quandry
I am thinking of an x-10 type system. Can I purchase 1 controller and 3 WDU's? Does anyone know where I can find a step by step instruction for this type system? I am not afraid to run wires, but I am not interested in a complex programming system.
I think my budget would be about $200-250 per thermostat. I'd probably have to buy 1 at a time.
Thanks Mike,
You are right. I can hear that voice in my head saying "If you are going to do it, do it right." Can I start with that thermostat and later add the elk? Is there a way to control it without the elk at first? Do I need to buy a separate controller? Is it hard to wire? I can't seem to find much documentation on it, Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for the response.