Thermostat Program Setting/Blinds Control Options?


Hi folks.  First, big thank you - thru this board am up and running with PC Access and able to program lights, etc.  We inherited this system when we bought the house and it's a huge improvement to be able to actually use the automation.
We have an HAI Omni LTe with 4 Omnistat 2 thermostats.  I am having trouble getting thermostat programs setup in PC Access to run.  The thermostats appear to have been programmed on the thermostat itself (I don't see any programs in PC Access).  I tried to setup automation to turn the heat back at night in the winter months, but it isn't actually running on the thermostats at night.  Is there a setting that I need to change to give control to PC Access?  Something else I'm missing?  Programming via the thermostat's themselves is a bit cumbersome....
We have some generic motorized roller shades (can't recall the brand, but can find if needed) that have an RF remote control.  Would love to be able to add those to the HAI system if at all reasonable.  Any suggestions there?
Updating this in case anyone with the same problem finds this via order for the thermostat to respond to a setpoint change command you have to make sure Hold is turned off. Once I added a command to change Hold to Off was able to change setpoint ;)