Thermostat Quandry 2


I didnt want to hijack Royalj7's thread so I started a new one. Maybe this will help him in his decision as well.

Here is what I have:
Elk M1 Gold
MLHS plugin
HS-Elk Plugin
ML Thermostat Library
HAI RC 100 Thermostat

I want to be able to use the ML Thermostat library on a touchscreen and have full control of the Tstat. Where to start?

I figured out how to pull data (setpoints, temps, holds, etc) but I am having a hard time figuring out how to send data (raise temp, switch from heat to cool, etc.).

Do I use ML to send a command to HS which sends a command to Elk which sends a command to Tstat? Sounds like a lot of in betweens!

Do I plug the Tstat directly into my server and use the extremely robust HS HAI plugin? This would take the Elk out of the picture. But can ML control the HS HAI plugin?

I think my problem is that I have too many options and I am not sure where to start.

Ideal situation would be: no events needed in HS, No ML-ELK plugin needed (sorry DavidL, I really want HS as my backbone), Simple command lines to send the changes needed.

I know this is kind of a cluster, thanks for any input.

The reason for the Elk in the Elk/HS environment is reliabilty. You achieve reliabiltiy with the HS/RC-100 since the RC-100 can manage just fine all by itself without close supervision.

My understanding of the HS Thermostat plugin for the HAI is that it has a device that can be controlled as up 1 or down 1 and repeated presses get you the desired setpoint. I would simply map a ML button into this HS device code.
tymon, no apologies needed. You have an excellent system backbone there. Will keep you automating for years (if this is a hobby to you).

I would use the ELK to connect to the thermo and the HS ELK plugin (or the ML Elk plugin) to get the data back to the software side.

The thermo should be able to run standalone as well so there isn't a tremendous difference in using the ELK or to integrate the thermo directly to Homeseer. My choice would be the ELK though.
Yes, a bit different situation than I am in, but it looks like you have the tools to do what you need! I would love to know what people thought of going ML>ELK>Thermo as opposed to ML>HS>Thermo. Do you lose any functionality with either? Is the response rate better controlling through the Elk or HS?