They Came!!!


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I got my shipment of Z-wave transmitters and Dimmer Switches today. AutomatedOutlet shiped me one extra Transmitter and One Less Dimmer than they should have but its ok because i know Martin will send me the right stuff as soon as i notify him.

Back on topic. I'm gonna do a complete review probably over the weekend which may include a How-To mixed in. I'm contiplating weather or not im going to include the how-to within the Review or keep them seperate. What do you guys think?

There is alot to talk about with these new devices such as all the cool new features on the remote. As well as the whole 3-way and 4-way Removal/Installation Process. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to setup the association but once i got it it was very simple.

If anyone has any question between now and this weekend when i finally get around to writing the Review just ask here and i will respond asap.