ThinkEssentials and Intermatic Z-Wave USB shipping


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Just FYI, both ThinkEssentials and the new Intermatic Z-Wave USB Stick (PC controller) were released this last week at EHX. This USB stick is very high-quality, and is an awesome addition to the Z-Wave world.

The USB stick supports Windows 2000 and XP, and we have legacy drivers available (although not tested) for Windows 98/ME as well.

The USB sticks and software are in very limited quantities (i.e. supply can't meet immediate demand), but will be receiving the first batch of them in the next week to ship out to pre-order purchasers.

BTW, the Z-Wave PC SDK v1.1 is now in final testing, and will be released in the coming weeks. If you pre-ordered that, you can get your USB stick now (priority based on order time) along with the pre-release SDK, and can then download the release version as soon as it is posted.

snelson said:
I was at EHX and was able to get a USB Stick. Does anyone know if/when HomeSeer will support it?

It works with HomeSeer 2.1.x versions. It uses a virtual COM port, so it appears as a new COM port #. HS 2.1 supports the version 4 Z-Wave API. Just set the Z-Wave interface to the new COM port.