ThinkEssentials pre-order (from Best of CES 2006)


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We didn't issue a press release on this, but for those of you looking to get the new Intermatic Z-Wave USB or the software features in the CNET Best of CES 2006 emerging technology video, you can pre-order ThinkEssentials at The software will be shipping shortly in March.

[You may have also seen this on CNN, MSNBC, PBS,, etc.]

ThinkEssentials: ($49.99 -- free USB stick and timer plug-in for a limited time)

ThinkEssentials Starter Kit: ($149.99 -- also contains remote and 2 lamp modules)


[ CNET Video: ]
The demo video was short but the controlling of the house in florida using ThinkEssentials in Las Vegas was very cool. I noticed that the blinds were fairly large. Do you know how difficult it is t cut these blinds to the right dimensions?

The blinds come in all shapes and sizes. It's the motor control that is Z-Wave enabled, and you can get them pretty much any way you'd like :)

Pretty much all of the products that have been shown off are coming out this quarter or next, including the window coverings.

The last few words in the video said something like "Most of these devices cost about $35..." I want some of those devices. :) Can you get any devices for $35?

Yes! When are the blinds coming out?

Check out They should be carrying the whole line of Intermatic products soon, and from what I understand the plug-in modules will be around $35-$40, the light switch dimmers $40, and the remotes and USB controller $40-$50.

I will get you all more info on the window coverings as I hear more :)