Thinking about a Nuvo Simplese audio system


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This is the system I am looking at (will be getting it somewhere else tho):

Does anyone know what the serial protocol looks like, or where I can find the docs? I am hoping to integrate it with the Elk M1.

Also, what speakers would be the best match? I am trying to stick with an affordable solution, but still good enough to play music.
I have some sort of strange DNS thing happening right now so I can't look at the link. (The only site I can resolve is CocoonTech!)

But anyway, why nuvo simplese over Russound or some of the others?
I can get a really good deal on the Simplese system, I do like the Russound system, but I can't imagine spending that much money on whole house audio right now.
The only thing that pushes me towards a whole house system is the ability to control all zones from a single location (via touch screen or whatever) and the ability to display FM radio info on a keypad or touch screen. Can simplese show FM station info (freq and/or call letters) or does it just let you flip through some station presets?
What audio quality do you expect the quality to be running power, data, IR and audio over a single CAT5 cable? How good of a deal can you get on this system ( can you share)?
Yea, I'm wondering how that compares to the new "CAA" line Russound came out with (which is a lot less expensive than their "CAV" line).

I did take some pics at the last CES HERE.
The audio doesn't run through the keypads as far as I can tell (since the speakers are connected directly to the main unit). This system is not that advanced, so I don't think it can display any info on the keypads at all, but I am still researching this product. I am hoping that I can somehow integrate my TTS announcements as well, but I guess it all depends on how complex the serial protocol is.

The Nuvo Simplese & Russound CAS44 are quite similar. The CAS44 provides a little more power (20w x 2) compared to (15w x 2) on the Nuvo. Aside from power ratings, the amps in the CAS are simpy better quaity too... they're rated at .1% THD while the Simplese is rated at .4% (at half power!)

The Nuvo uses that funny single faceplate and interface cable which makes it easy to make a nice clean installation, but it's a lot of wires that all need to converge into a sing-gang wall plate!

In my opinion the Russound keyapds look and feel nicer, but you do have to toggle through the sources using the single "source" button (the four source buttons at the top of the keypad are just lights), while the Simplese keypad allows you to directly select the source and it provides a mute button which the Russound is missing.

EDIT: I intitially thought the Simplese didn't have serial control but checked the manual and it does...

My opinion is the Russound is a little better system and has been widely adopted by the HA community so integrations options abound, but it will cost a few hundred bucks more.

I'd be happy to help you out if you want to check with me on pricing for either unit before buying.

It does have a mute for doorbell but I don't know how you would inject TTS other than programatically switching inputs. (Then you have to know what zone was in what state before the switch so you can switch it back).
upstatemike said:
Can simplese show FM station info (freq and/or call letters) or does it just let you flip through some station presets?
No it can't but the Nuvo Concerto does, however there is a price difference and your faceplate is two gang instead of a single. Also the Concerto will give you 80 watts per zone! Most importantly it can integrate with HA systems.

I recently installed one for a client and it works great. They will be coming out with a different keypad this fall. Check thier website for details.