Thinnest Flat Plug Extension Cord


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What is the thinnest flat plug extension cord you have seen? I only have 11/16" between the wall and the panel and the outlet already sticks out about 1/4".

The ones I saw at Lowes recently were about 5/8" I remember seeing some before with the hexagonal shaped plug that were really thin but I don't know where.
Have you thought about replacing your outlet with one of the recessed outlets that are meant to be used for hanging 120VAC clocks? They look like a regular single outlet but are recessed 1- 1-1/4 inches behind the face and the outlet/cover are a one-piece molded unit, it seems like they are about $5-10 at Lowe's and Home Depot.
If Roussell's idea does not cover it you may want to explain the situation you have that makes you need such a thin plug. It might help.