This week's guest speaker: Cortexa Technology


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This week, we will have Cortexa Technology as our guest speaker. If you aren't familiar with them yet, check out their website. They have several interesting products, including a BSD based HA controller which supports many protocols such as X10, Insteon, Z-wave, and they also just announced their touchscreen solution. Don't miss this event!

Who: Cortexa Technology
When: 01/20/2006, 9pm ET
Where: chat room
Hello fellow Cocooners and thank you for allowing us to participate as the guest presenter this evening. I hope all of you have had the chance to visit our website and read some of the documentation to familiarize yourselves with the Cortexa product line. Before we begin I would like to introduce ourselves and give just a brief summary of what Cortexa Technology is all about.

My name is Rod Stevenson and I am the Sales Director for Cortexa. Joe Doran is our CTO and founder of Cortexa. Jerry Davis is our Technology Support Director for Cortexa.

The basic premises of Cortexa Technology can be summed up in our company slogan “Home Automation for All.†Our founder, Joe Doran wanted to create a home automation product that offered similar functionality to higher end systems but at a much more reasonable price point so that the “Average Joe†could afford it. To do this he realized he must build a product from the ground up that was specifically designed as a home automation device. As well, everything we do at Cortexa Technology must meet the three principles of “Dependable, Useable, and Affordable.â€

1. Dependable- the Cortexa uses Unix FreeBSD so it is more stable and not susceptible to spyware and viruses. Everything runs in flash and so there is no hard drive to crash
2. Useable- we interface with many different manufacturers for lighting, security, audio, etc so you can have options of what sub-systems you want to use. Also all setup and configuration of the Cortexa is done through “Windows†style drop down menus. There is no programming language so the end user can easily learn to configure the system.
3. Affordable- our product offers full home automation control, extensive network management, I-Tunes interface and FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES FOR LIFE!

While there is a ton more info I could give you I do not want to make this intro too long. We are in the process of working on creating a portal on WebEx with a recorded demonstration so that you can see more about how the Cortexa works. If any of you are interested in seeing this when it is done please contact me by going to and submit your email and I will let you know when it is ready.